There is a glimmer of hope for us all to get back into some sort of normality over the next couple of months if the data monitoring is deemed to be acceptable.

So, provided there are no delays or other restrictions imposed in the interim period, there is a plan to re-open DIBC on the Monday 17th May 2021.

We have been here before, but we need to plan and prepare for re-opening the premises and also to plan and prepare the Bowls programme on offer for Members for the Summer season, in a manageable and cost-effective manner and we need your help to do this!!

How you can help

1. Please help to spread the word about this message to those friends and relatives who play bowls alongside you, but who do not have access to / or rarely use the internet or emails

2. A Draft Summer Programme (click), sets out what the programme might look like, provided there is sufficient demand by members for participation.

Please have a look at the Draft Summer Programme (click) and talk to your friends and relatives who play alongside you, about what parts of the programme you would be interested in playing.

It is then really important that you let us know what your likely intentions are.

You can let us know by contacting us by email on or telephone the Club any Monday or Wednesday between 09.00 am and 11.00am.

(If there is insufficient demand for some leagues – they will not run). Based on your feedback, a revised/agreed Summer Programme will be developed.

3. Initially, for 2 weeks, ( i.e. from 17th May until the 30th May) the Club will re-open for ‘Social bowling’ only, BUT it will also allow members to visit, socialise and allow members to indicate / confirm their intentions regarding participation in the Summer Leagues, Spoons or Drawn Triples sessions.

4. Please note – it is planned that the Summer Programme will commence on Monday 31st May, for a maximum of 13 weeks. There will be some limits on the numbers allowed to participate. So if you want to play – tell us as soon as possible.

5. We will not charge League Entry fees for our members; for this Summer Programme.

Note: These dates may change and are subject to confirmation


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