Durham Indoor Bowling Club Rules


The name of the company shall be Durham Indoor Bowling Community Association Limited, also known as Durham Indoor Bowling and Social Club.


Bowling Club

The club is formed to permit, foster and encourage the game of bowls and to afford members facilities for meeting one another.

Social Club

The association is formed to permit, foster and encourage all types of social activity and to afford members facilities for meeting one another.


The building, premises, fixtures and fittings are the property of Durham Indoor Bowling Community Association Limited (hereinafter known as DIBCAL) a company registered in England and references herein to the ‘Board’ shall be to the Board of Directors thereof.


The Club shall be affiliated to other Associations as required.


A Members' Forum for DIBCAL shall be held at least once per year, as determined by the Board of Directors. Notice of the Members' Forum will be notified to all members via a calendar of events and notices posted on the club notice board at least one calendar month prior to the meeting. This shall be deemed notice to members



Persons who are in general sympathy with the aims and objectives of the club are qualified for membership.


The club shall consist of male and female members as follows:-

Bowling Club

2.1 Full Bowling Members, with both male and female members designated as Veterans on attaining the age of 60 years.

2.2 Life Members (appointed in accordance with Rule 3).

2.3 Junior Bowling Members (under 18 years of age).

Social Club

Social Members (over 16 years of age).


On the recommendation of the Board a member may in special circumstances be appointed a Life Member and shall thereafter be entitled to all the privileges of membership without paying the annual subscription.


Social Members are not entitled to vote on any bowling related matters at any meeting.


5.1 Any Member shall be entitled to introduce guests to the club, provided that no such guest has had application for membership declined or has been previously expelled.

5.2 A guest may not be introduced more than once in any week.

5.3 The Member shall be responsible for the conduct of the guest(s) and the observance of the Club’s Rules.

5.4 The Manager shall have the authority to set aside the above Rule 5.2 in special circumstances, e.g. Relatives visiting the area.


6.1 The annual subscriptions, fixed by DIBCAL, shall be due and payable by the first day of September each year.

6.2 No Member shall be allowed to participate in Club, County or National competitions or activities until subscriptions and appropriate competition fees have been paid.

6.3 If any Member's subscription is in arrears at the 1st of October each year the Board may remove the Member's name from the register of members and the Member shall thereupon forfeit all rights of membership.

6.4 The Board may at any time restore such a defaulting person to membership upon payment of all arrears of subscriptions then due.

6.5 The membership fee, for first time members only, may be reduced at the discretion of the Board, when joining part way through the season.


7.1 Application in the standard format shall be approved at the discretion of the Manager.

7.2 Membership may be refused if for any reason the manager suspects that the applicant is not in sympathy with the general aims and objectives of the club or is for any other reason not suitable for membership. Any refusal of membership is to be ratified by the Board.

7.3 On payment of the first annual subscription, the elected candidate shall be a member of the club and be entitled to all the privileges of membership applicable to the subscription,subject to the satisfactory completion of a designated Probationary Period (as determined by the Management Team).

7.4 A copy of these Rules will be provided to all new members.

7.5 Having received a membership card and a copy of the Rules the member shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by those Rules.


8.1 Members may resign their membership at any time, by letter addressed to The Manager, at the club premises but shall be liable for their subscriptions for the year during which they resign, and no refund apportioned or otherwise shall be given.

8.2 Any application to re-join the club will be subject to consideration by The Manager and ratification by the Board.


9.1 On receipt of a formal, written complaint in respect of a member of the club, at least two members of the Board will promptly enquire into the matter by interviewing the complainant and the member concerned, provided the complaint was received within fourteen days of the alleged incident taking place.

9.2 A member summoned to appear before the Board with regard to a disciplinary matter may bring a friend to the meeting, equally so the complainant.

9.3 If the Board are agreed that the member has failed to justify or explain the alleged incident satisfactorily they may take appropriate action in relation to the seriousness of the incident. Should the Board feel that the incident is so serious as to warrant the expulsion of the member, the member shall immediately forfeit all privileges of membership and all rights against the Club.

9.4 There shall be no refund of membership fee. An expelled member will only be re-admitted to membership with approval of the Board.


Minutes of all meetings including those of sub committees shall be properly recorded.


At all meetings of any Club Committee those present shall be entitled to give one vote and no more upon every question, provided that in case of equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.


Any member of Staff or the Board shall have the power to exclude or ask to leave the premises any person whose conduct shall be disruptive or shall not be compatible with the objectives of the club.


13.1 Ladies : There shall be a Ladies Bowling Secretary who will be elected in accordance with the rules. The Ladies Secretary will administer the Ladies affairs of the Bowling Club.

13.2 The Selection Committee shall consist of the Ladies Secretary, Director of Bowls (Ladies) and two co-opted lady bowling members, relevant to the competitions under consideration, as agreed by the Board of Directors.

13.3 Gentlemen : There shall be a Club Secretary who will be selected from the Board of Directors or the Manager. He/She shall administer all of the bowling affairs of the Club.

There shall be a Gents Selection Committee which will comprise of the Club Secretary, the Director of Bowls (Men), and two co-opted male bowling members, relevant to the competitions under consideration, as agreed by the Board of Directors.

The Gents Selection Committee will be responsible for selection of all Gents Teams including friendly matches. If in any one year there are insufficient nominees for the post of Selector the Board of Directors may co-opt a male bowling member on to the Selection Committee for that season

If any Selection Meeting is inquorate, the members present may co-opt a male bowling member to assist with selection for that meeting.


Only food and drinks purchased in the club may be consumed on the premises, unless otherwise authorised by the Manager.


There may be admitted to the premises of the club on the occasion of any organized competition, match, game or event (hereinafter called ‘the event’) the following persons: - players, teams, persons accompanying the players, or teams, and their guests, visiting the club for the purpose of the event.


All notices which are required by these rules to be given to members of the club, shall be posted on the club notice boards for the period required by the rule, after which period it shall be deemed that due notice has been given.




Any of these Rules may from time to time be revoked, altered or added to by a resolution passed at a DIBCAL Board Meeting.


19.1 As /when required the Board of Directors shall establish and agree a Presidential Team of not less than 4 persons.

The team shall be formed through due consideration by the Chair of the Board of Directors, a nominated Director and the current President, of those persons willing and able to undertake the duties.

Those to be considered who having expressed their willingness to be part of the team, include (a) those currently members of the Presidential team, (b) members nominated by the current Presidential Team and (c) those nominated by bowling members of DIBC.

In the event that the selection team cannot agree or the number of nominations are insufficient, additional nominations will be invited through a notice posted on the Club Notice Board. A member may nominate one candidate and be seconder to one other.

Where required a ballot will be held and voting will take place the week following the closing date and will last for a period of 14 days.

The ballot will be administered by Management and details of voting times / dates will be posted on the Club Notice Board.

Ballot papers will be obtained from Reception or Voting Area on production of a current membership card. Ballot papers will be completed, and placed in a sealed ballot box provided at the time of voting. Voting by Proxy is not permitted. Ballot papers will be counted by Management and two independent scrutineers.

The outcomes and changes to the Presidential Team will be declared on Club Presentation Night.

19.2 Term of Office.

The term of office within the Team shall be a maximum of 5 years. Those reaching the end of their term of office may seek re-election if they so wish.

On an annual basis, the Presidential Team in consultation with the Chair shall determine who shall hold the position of President and Vice President and all other members of the Team will support them equally in the undertaking of their duties, and fulfil the role of President and Vice President as/when required.

If at any time during their term of office, any member of the Team is unable or unwilling to continue their duties, the Presidential Team shall determine whether changes to the Team are required and/or whether new members of the Team are required, either by invitation or by nomination and ballot. Details will be posted on the Club Notice Board should such action become necessary.

Other than above, the Board of Directors will take such action as they consider necessary in the best interests of the club.


20.1 Where other Club Officers are required to be elected, it shall be undertaken in accordance with the above rules for a ballot, which will be administered by the Manager and Staff. Any counting of votes will be supervised by an indpendent member of of the club. Results of any ballot will be announced by notice posted on the club notice board.

20.2 Members elected to any Office within the club shall hold office for a period of twelve months from the date of election.


All complaints should be made in writing to The Manager within fourteen days of the incident. The Manager will then refer the matter to the Board of Directors for any action they deem necessary. (See Rule 9).


22.1 The Board of Directors shall stipulate the club dress code.

22.2 Changing of clothing / footwear shall take place in the appropriate changing room or in the vicinity of lockers (footwear only). Changing in the Members Lounge or Function Room is strictly prohibited.


23.1(a) There shall be no eating, drinking on the green.

23.1(b) Running on the green is not permitted.

23.2 Players attempting a drive or firing shot must give warning to any players standing in the vicinity of the head. When such a shot is being executed, players must endeavour to protect adjacent rinks.

23.3 Commencement of play. All bowling must begin from the scoreboard end of the green. Any exceptions must be with the agreement of the Manager.

23.4 Facilities are provided for hanging coats, blazers, jackets etc. and these facilities must be used. For the safety of all bowlers these items should not be deposited on the surrounds of the green.

23.5 Bowlers are required to leave their bowls bags in the changing rooms or other designated, signed area so as not to cause a hazard.

23.6 On completion of any game, players must leave the rink promptly at the end of the rink at which the game has finished.

23.7 It is prohibited for bowls to be bowled back down the green at the conclusion of any game. When an end is made dead (in permitted competitions), players must carry any bowls to the end from which it will be restarted.

23.8 When walking from end to end players must use the centre of the rink, in order that players on adjoining rinks are not inconvenienced.

23.9 At any time bowls must not be bowled across the green or dropped onto the green so as to avoid causing damage to the playing area.

23.10 Any question, dispute or protest arising in the course of, or in connection with a game, should be referred to the Manager for a decision, which shall be final.

23.11 Mobile telephones and other electronic equipment MUST be put into silent mode, or switched off at all times whilst in the bowling area. This Rule does not apply to Staff using cordless telephones.



24.1 All players taking part must be full Bowling Members of DIBCAL. IT IS A CONDITION OF ENTRY THAT EVERY TEAM MUST FULFILL ALL OF THEIR LEAGUE FIXTURES. Any team failing to complete their league programme will not be allowed to enter that league the following season.

24.2 Trial Ends are not permitted in any club competitions.

24.3 There shall be no spoiled or dead ends in any Club League or K.O. competitions. If a jack in motion passes completely outside the boundaries of the rink of play, or rebounds to a distance of less than 20 metres from the mat line the end will not be declared dead. Instead, the jack should be placed on the spot on the rink adjacent to the ‘T’ on that side of the rink. If any of the spots mentioned above are partly or completely covered by a bowl, the jack should be placed with the nearest point of the jack to the mat line at a spot which is 0.5 metres further from the front ditch than the spot that has been covered. If that spot is also partially or completely covered by a bowl the jack should be placed a further 0.5 metres from the ditch.

24.4 In order to maintain continuance of play, skips only WILL BE PERMITTED TO VISIT THE HEAD ONLY ONCE IN ANY END.

Note 1: Teams who disregard this rule should be politely reminded of the rule. Continued disregard should be reported at the conclusion of the game to Management who may disqualify the offending team, or, in KO/League games the opponent may be awarded the game

Disregarding this Rule may result in disqualification of the offending team/player. In K.O./league games the opponent may be awarded the game.

Note 2: This rule is 'relaxed' for singles games with no marker assigned but the need for continuance of play should be observed so far as is practical.

24.5 In all games when no official umpire has been appointed, any Full Bowling Member acceptable to both skips or players in a singles game may act as umpire. That person will carry out such duties in accordance with the laws of the game as stated at the time.

24.6 Any other problems or disputes should be referred to the Manager for a decision, which shall be final and binding.


In addition to the following, other Rules specific to Club League or K.O. games will be posted as and when declared.

25.1 The Club League timetable will be the notification for these competitions. A date and session having been notified, the contesting teams are responsible for the green fees. Where only one team is present the defaulting team will still be responsible for the payment of their green fees.

25.2 On those occasions when the Manager has agreed to stage National, County or other matches, any games cancelled must be rearranged within fourteen days of the original date.

25.3 All games in the League must be played on (or before by mutual agreement) the date and time specified in the League timetable. However a team prevented from fulfilling a fixture through inclement weather conditions will be allowed to rearrange the game. All such cancelled games must be played within 28 days of the original date. Within this period of any cancelled team game the opponent will offer the defaulter 3 reasonable dates to play the rearranged game. If the defaulter fails to accept one of the dates given he/she shall concede the game and the points. Green fees are payable by both teams. Any dispute should be referred to the Manager for consideration and the decision shall be final. This rule will be strictly enforced to ensure the smooth running of the league programme. When a league game is to be cancelled in accordance with this rule it is is the responsibility of the Team Captain wshing to cancel the fixture to inform the Team Captain of the opposoing team, and to inform Reception of such cancellation. (Note: Any other extenuating circumstances for cancellations will be at the discrection of the Manager. Where this is accepted any such cancelled game shall be rearranged in accordance with this rule, otherwise the game will be awarded to the other team).

25.4 The result of all Pairs, Triples and Fours games will be decided by the session period of two hours or a maximum of 16 ends. The session will be timed by a chronometer which will automatically sound a buzzer fifteen minutes prior to the end of each session. At the completion of the end in progress when the buzzer sounds, one further end will be played to conclude the game. For an end to be in progress the mat must have been properly laid and the jack delivered from the leading player’s hand.

25.5 In Singles Leagues, games will be played to 21 shots, or as set out in the Rules posted for the League/Competition.

25.6 In Leagues the maximum number of Registered Players is:-

PAIRS: - FOUR. (If any Club Pairs League has a full complement of teams then one additional player may be added).


MIXED TRIPLES: - SIX. (sufficient Ladies and Gentlemen to ensure a mixed team is available for all fixtures).


In exceptional circumstances such as bereavement or prolonged illness and with the sanction of The Manager, a new nominated player may be added to the team.

25.7 In League games if a player has to leave the green owing to illness or other reasonable cause his place shall be filled by a substitute. Should the player affected be a skip, his duties and position in a fours game shall be assumed by the third player and the substitute shall play in any other position. In a Triples game the substitute may play lead or second but not skip. In the case of Pairs the substitute shall play lead. In the case of Singles the provision of the Laws of the Game shall apply.

25.7.1 If a substitute is required prior to the commencement of a League game, such substitute may play in any position other than skip. A substitute shall not be used when a registered player is available. The same substitute may only be used twice in any one season by any one team. There is no restriction on the number of substitutes used during the season and substitutes may play for any team in a league in accordance with the provision of (only twice for one team). Any substitute must be a Bowling Member of the Club.

25.8 A nominated team member may play at any time in any position subject to all of the provisions hereof but may only play for one team in any league.

25.9 Two points will be awarded for a win and one for a draw. In the event of teams being level on points at the conclusion of any league, best total shots difference decides the winner; if still a tie the team with the highest shots for total will be declared the winner. If still a tie a play-off will be arranged.

25.10 For all games there will be a qualifying period of up to fifteen minutes. If after that period has elapsed a team is not on the rink to play, their opponents will be declared the winners. The team present will be awarded two points and must submit a score card showing shots recorded as 5 – 0 in favour. Both teams will be responsible for the payment of their green fees within 7 days of any such game. FAILURE TO COMPLY COULD RESULT IN SUSPENSION.

25.11 The person who enters the team (Team Captain) is responsible for the rink fee of each member of that team. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to ensure that no non – eligible members play for that team. A team which includes a non – eligible player will be regarded as a defaulting team and will forfeit the game.

25.12 In Fours League games, when a team is unable to field four players, they can play with three. The first and second players will play with three bowls and the skip two. Any team playing with three players must deduct a QUARTER OF THEIR SHOTS from their final total. Fractions shall be taken into account in deciding the winner of the game and will be rounded up or down as appropriate for computer purposes. .5 of a shot will be rounded up.

25.13 In Triples League games when a team is unable to field three players they can play with two. Both players will play with three bowls each, their opponents will play with two bowls each. Any team playing with two players must deduct ONE THIRD OF THEIR SHOTS from their final total. Fractions will be taken into account as in Rule 25.12. The game will be played to 21 ends or the buzzer.


25.15 Results of league games and the league table will be posted on the notice board as soon as possible after the game. Any dispute as to the result shall be reported to Reception Staff within fourteen days of the game. Thereafter any dispute can only be resolved by mutual agreement of the teams involved.

25.16 When any Fours or Triples game has commenced in accordance with Rule 25.12 or 25.13 a player arriving late may take his place on the team at any point up to the commencement of the sixth end. The player must be present on the green when the jack is cast to commence the sixth end. The shot deduction Rule in 25.12 and 25.13 will apply until such time as the player takes his place on the team.


26.1 In addition to the following, other Rules specific to each of the Club’s KO Competitions will be posted when entries to such competitions are invited.

26.2 The Manager will arrange the draw for competitions and the dates by which the rounds must be played on or played before.

26.3 Any player entering the KO Competitions must pay the entry fee, even if he/she does not play or withdraws from the game.

26.4 In KO Competitions Pairs, Triples and Fours, one additional, (and the same player) may be used as a substitute, provided that the substitute has not already played in the competition. The first players to play in any KO Competition shall comprise the team.

26.5 In the Mixed Fours Competition, one and the same male and/or one and the same female may be used as a substitute to maintain the composition of the team as two men and two women. The substitute(s) must not have played for any other team in the competition.

26.6 A substitute may play in any position prior to the commencement of the game otherwise Rule 25.7 applies.

26.7 Any member entering the Club KO Competitions must guarantee, in the event of winning, to represent DIBC in corresponding County Competitions. Failure to do this could result in expulsion from future KO Competitions

26.8 Except for the above, other Rules will be as adopted by the E.I.B.A.


27.1 Rinks will be allocated in accordance with the current Rink Booking Policy which will be displayed on the notice board.

27.2 Club Knockout competition rink bookings will be allocated in accordance with the current policy displayed on the notice board.

27.3 National Competition rink booking (for DIBC Members) will (provided an alternative rink(s) is available for any affected league game) have priority by arrangement with The Manager. Where there are conflicting demands for rinks, they will be allocated at the discretion of the Manager.

27.4 Rinks for Social Bowling cannot be booked more than six days in advance.

27.5 A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a social bowling booking; otherwise the person booking the rink shall be liable for the full green fee. In League games it is the responsibility of the team captains to cancel a rink when a game is cancelled or played in advance of the scheduled time and /or date.

27.6 Spoons Sessions: For any organized Spoons Session a minimum of SIX RINKS WILL BE ALLOCATED FOR PLAY. Except for the Saturday 2-4pm session when all 8 rinks will be allocated. No other bookings will be allowed. Other rinks may only be booked for National Competition by DIBC Members. No member arriving on time for a Spoons Session will be turned away by the organiser because of odd numbers. In the event of odd numbers Rule’s 25.12 and 25.13 will apply if no other solution is available.

Last updated September 2020


1. This Code of Conduct relates to all bowling and social events involving Durham Indoor Bowling Community Association Ltd.

2. A member taking part in any Bowls match or other activity under the auspices of D.I.B.C.A.L. is deemed to carry acceptance of this Code of Conduct.

3. The Board of Directors will be responsible for the administering of the Code of Conduct.

4. The Code of Conduct covers the behaviour and conduct of members, during and after events and covers any action liable to bring D.I.B.C.A.L. into disrepute.

5. D.I.B.C.A.L. is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all its members, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for all. The Club believes that it is important that members, administrators and visitors associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.

This requires that members:-

(a) always conduct themselves in a manner which ensures the dignity and respect of others, irrespective of their age, gender, race, cultural background, religion or sexual identity

(b) always treat other players, officials and visitors with the same level of dignity and respect you would expect to be shown to you.

(c) always show respect to officials and publicly respect their decisions

d) always abide by the Rules of the Club

(e) always demonstrate the positive aspects of the sport, play within the rules and accepted etiquette of the game and embrace the principals of fair play **

(f) always display appropriate standards of appearance, in accordance with the Dress Code

(g) do not take part in any disruptive, irresponsible, abusive, inappropriate or illegal behaviour.

h) do not consume illegal or performance enhancing drugs or stimulants.

(i) do not use foul or abusive language in the presence of, or towards others

6. Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated

7. Where members perceive that others are displaying behaviours which are contrary to this Code of Conduct, if possible try to resolve any concerns directly with them.

8. If this is not possible, or fails to resolve the matter, then allegations of breaches of the Code of Conduct should be made in writing to the Manager within 14 days of the alleged incident.

9. The Board of Directors shall fully investigate all alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct in accordance with Rule 9 of the Club Rules.

10. Members who wish to appeal against the decision of the Board of Directors may do so by giving notice in writing within 14 days of the decision having been made.

11. The Board of Directors is authorised to apply such penalty as it considers appropriate.

Notes: ** Examples of poor etiquette include :

• running up the rink without due regard for their opposite number and/or those on adjacent rinks

• following woods delivered, part way up the rink, causing others to delay delivery of their woods

• use of mobile phones on or adjacent to the rinks

• failure to warn others when intending to ‘fire’ at the head

• unwarranted interference in determining the outcome of the head

Sept 2020 (Reviewed and unchanged)



Only recognised bowling shoes to be worn on the green No other footwear is allowed

Play in stockinged feet is allowed ( but is not encouraged )

All bowlers must change into their bowling shoes inside the building.

Bowling shoes must be covered in blue overshoes (provided) if worn outside the premises


Club Representative matches  

Gents: Club shirt, grey or white tailored trousers ( as specified )

Ladies: Club shirt, grey or white tailored trousers or skirt ( as specified ) and red waistcoat if desired  

Club organised games, leagues and KO competitions  

All: Predominantly white shirts, Club shirts or recognised manufacturers bowling shirts to be worn by all members

Gents: grey tailored trousers or recognised manufacturers bowling trousers or shorts ( Note: braces if worn shall not be visible )

Ladies: grey skirts, grey tailored trousers or recognised manufacturers bowling trousers or shorts

K.O. Finals: All finals will be played in whites

Social Bowling  

Only footwear as specified above is permitted

Smart, casual dress at all times

Not permitted:

Sleeveless shirts

Torn or shredded jeans

(Updated 2019)