Coronavirus Update 18th September 2020

The Club is still OPEN for bowling

As a result of Press and Media coverage today following the Government's new action to combat Coronavirus the club has been inundated with telephone calls asking if the club is open and bowling is carrying on.

The Club is OPEN and continuing in accordance with its existing rules

18th September 2020

Coronavirus Update 26th August 2020

Personal Message to Members from Mick Goodyear

We have now been open for business for 3 weeks and are delighted that many familiar faces have returned to the Club to have a look at the new arrangements and the safeguards in place; to have a drink and a bite to eat; to have a roll-up or to play socially or participate in the Spoons sessions.

Some bowling sessions are very popular, others relatively quiet, so it is recommended that you book in advance, using the normal “6 day advance booking system”, to ensure you are not disappointed if you just turn up to play.

We continue to monitor the range of applicable “Covid-19” Guidance for our Club and its operations, and will amend / implement any changes as and when required. Please keep up to date via this website.

There are four main issues to bring to your attention:

1. Membership renewals are now due for payment and if you have not yet paid and intend to do so, it would be appreciated if you could do so as soon as it is convenient. Payments can be made in cash or cheque, but many find the use of Credit / Debit card the most convenient, which can be done in person or over the phone if preferred.

2. You do not have to wear a mask whilst bowling – providing you maintain the 2 metre social distancing, if you are unable to maintain 2 metres social distancing you must wear a mask/ face covering during play – as set out in the “Covid-19 Player Protocols for Bowls” (see below) and you are respectfully reminded that in all bowling activities (Social or League / Knockout games) you must use your best endeavours to comply with these “Protocols” to ensure your own safety and that of others.

These protocols are posted below and are also posted on the walls in the Bowls Hall for your information. Please be aware of your proximity to others and make use of the sanitisers and wipes provided for your use.

3. We are currently working hard to try to organise the Leagues (most of which have 8, 9, or 10 teams entered) to be played in the usual time slots of 10.00am – 12.00noon for morning sessions and 7.00pm – 9.00pm for evening sessions whilst still ensuring appropriate social distancing using the EIBA Guidance. So the games would continue to be 2 hours in duration. There are still some practical difficulties to doing this but we believe that members would prefer this to the ‘two session approach’ originally envisaged. The times will be confirmed shortly via the League sheets issued to Team Captains. Fingers crossed !

4. We plan to offer two “Singles Sets Leagues” to Bowling members on (Monday 1 – 3pm and Thursday 1-3pm) subject to demand. If you are interested please let us know in person, by telephone or by email. We have also put up a signing-up sheet in the Bowls Hall for convenience. Once we have an idea of the level of interest in this we can determine the best way forward.

We are able to confirm that the four Spoons sessions will remain as Weds (1-3 pm); Friday (10am -12 noon); Saturday (10am -12noon) and Saturday (2.00pm – 4.00pm) It is advised that you pre-book these sessions as they are limited to 24 players in each session and are proving popular. When the Leagues start week beginning 7th September – please note that the Club’s closing time will be changed on Monday to Friday to 10.00pm (currently 8.00pm).

26th August 2020

Covid-19 Player Protocols for Bowls

•  Mats: they have been disinfected before and after each session of play. Leads only should move/ place the mat. Hand sanitiser/ wipes are provided

•  Jacks: they have been disinfected before and after each session of play. Leads only should pick up and place the Jack. Hand sanitiser/ wipes are provided. When the lead is won by the opposing team, the Jack should be cleaned by the new Lead player prior to use.

•  Woods and the Head: Only move woods with the feet. Do not handle other players woods. Only the ‘seconds' should read/measure the head. Other players should remain ‘socially distant'

•  Scoreboard: they have been cleaned before and after each session. If scoreboards are used – then 1 player should be nominated to operate it. It is advised to use chalk/ pen / or other device to press the buttons.

Playing Singles or Pairs: Follow the Protocols (1-4) above. All players to maintain appropriate ‘social distancing' whilst playing, changing ends and when reading the ‘head'. If practical use a neighbouring free rink to change ends

Playing Triples: Follow the Protocols (1-4) above. All players to maintain appropriate ‘social distancing' whilst playing, changing ends and when reading the ‘head' . Seconds ‘sit off' or ‘socially distance' themselves whilst the Leads play. Leads ‘sit off' or ‘socially distance' themselves whilst the Seconds play. If practical use a neighbouring free rink to change ends.

27th July 2020 still current

Coronavirus Update 11th August 2020

Personal Message to Members from Mick Goodyear

The Club opened on Monday 3rd August and we have welcomed many familiar faces back into the Club. We are open for social bowling, spoons sessions; or if you prefer to come to just have a look at the “new normal” or to have a coffee, something to eat or to watch – you are very welcome.

1. Can I respectfully remind members that fees can be paid, in cash, cheque, bank transfer or by Credit/Debit cards. We are now also able to take card payments over the phone if that is more convenient.

2. Also, a quick reminder that if you plan to enter teams in the League programme (commencing week beginning 7th September), we would like to receive your team entry sheets by 21st August so that we can make the necessary arrangements. (you can just ring or email the Club if you want to enter into the Drawn Triples on Monday mornings).

3. If you are a member of teams which have decided not to enter at this stage – BUT – you would still like to play, then please contact the Club and we will try to put you in touch with other players in a similar position, in order to help create teams in specific Leagues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club (in person, or by phone or email) and we will do our best to answer them.

11th August 2020

Coronavirus Update, 2nd August 2020

Personal Message to Members from Mick Goodyear

Despite the best efforts of Boris last Friday to scupper our plans, we are happy to report that we are definitely open for business on Monday 3rd August.

We slipped under the latest restrictions clawback by a week ….Phew !! The EIBA confirmed this was the case late on Friday evening and the Management Team with support from some very kind helpers, finished the task of setting out the new arrangements on Saturday. We even have beer!

So we look forward to welcoming you back to the Club. It may look a little different, but we have tried hard to retain that familiar atmosphere, whilst complying with the requirements for a Covid-secure environment. Hope to see you soon.

2nd August 2020

Coronavirus Update, 27th July 2020

Personal Message to Members from Mick Goodyear

We are on track with our plans to re-open on Monday 3rd August and to welcome back our friends and colleagues into the Club.

The Club will be fully open, with access to social bowling, bar services and casual dining. So if you just want to come and see what it is like, have a coffee or a bite to eat, we would love to see you. We are also offering a takeaway food service if you prefer.

League bowling : is due to start w.e.f. Monday 7 th September . Entries for Leagues need to be in by 21 st August.

Just a reminder – all persons coming into the building should report to Reception upon arrival for ‘track & trace' purposes. The use of masks in indoor sporting and leisure facilities is currently ‘advised' but is not compulsory. We will continue to monitor Gov't advice on this issue

Initially the focus will be on providing a safe and Covid-secure environment for all our members and visitors, by implementing many of the measures you will have encountered in local shops, bars, cafés and other premises you may have visited.

Once the Blood Donors finish their planned session on Wednesday, we will be able to finish the deep clean, install the one-way system, signage, floor markings, screens and sanitising provision we need to ensure compliance. The heating and ventilation system has been checked and purged, and we will also operate the fresh air system during each break between sessions.

You should have received your Membership Renewal letter in the post by now. Please read the “Important Information” sheet included in your pack. This should answer many of the questions you may have about how the Club will operate when it has re-opened, and the controls in place.

If you haven't received the letter yet, or you have any questions, please ring the Club on Monday, Weds or Friday from 9.00am to 12.00 noon when a member of the Management Team will be able to help you.

If you plan to participate in Social bowling or Spoons sessions , please note that the normal ‘ 6 day advance booking ' system will continue to operate. ( so if you want to bowl on Monday 3 rd Aug, the earliest you can book is Tuesday 28 th July ). We will try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible in these difficult times. If in doubt – give us a ring.

If you want to play in the Drawn Triples on Monday mornings or the Ladies Drawn Pairs/Triples) on Friday afternoons , you need to register your interests before 28 th August. If in doubt – give us a ring.

If you are bowling (socially or in a League game), there is a new ‘ Covid-19 Player Protocol ' you need to be aware of. This covers the advised controls set out in the EIBA ‘Guidance for Returning to Indoor Bowls'. The Protocol is set out below this Update for convenience. It is there for your own safety and that of others. It is very simple and we should all get used to it quite quickly.

Not long to go now – but still plenty of things to do before we welcome you back to the Club on 3rd August.

Keep safe

27th July 2020

Additional Information on Spoons and Drawn Triples arrangements


For all sessions, numbers will be limited to 24 players, playing on alternate rinks to provide adequate ‘social distancing' for all players.

If you wish to play ‘Spoons' on any session, you will need to pre-book your place for the session(s) no later than close of business the day before, by telephone or in person. The Club will do the draw on your behalf in the usual way, and when you arrive for the session you will be informed of which rink you will be playing on. Please arrive ready to play (other than changing into bowling shoes) and report to Reception on arrival to pay your rink fees

We plan to run Spoons sessions w.e.f . week beginning Monday 3 rd August , at the following days/times:-

Wednesday ( 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm) and (3.30 pm to 5.00 pm) £3.00 per session and

Friday (09.30 am to 11.00 am) and (11.30 am to 1.00 pm) £3.00 per session

Saturday (10.00 am to 12.00 noon) and (2.00 pm to 4.00 pm) £3.50 per session

Drawn Triples:

We plan to run the Drawn Triples league as usual on a Monday morning, w.e.f. week beginning Monday 7 th September . However, as with the Spoons competitions, all sessions will be limited to 24 players, playing on alternate rinks to provide adequate ‘social distancing' for all players.

This league will, like other planned triples leagues be split into 2 sessions. They are as follows

Monday (09.30 am to 11.00 am) and (11.30 am to 1.00 pm) £3.00 per session

It has not been possible for members to indicate their interest in this league in the normal way, so if you wish to play in this popular league programme you need to contact the Club (in person or by telephone) to register your interest and specify which of the two sessions you want to play in. Please register your interest before Friday 28 th August , to enable the draw to be made and members to be informed.

If you have any further questions or wish to pre-book or register your interest, please contact the Club on 0191 3840700

Ladies Drawn Pairs ( Friday afternoons):

As in previous years, the Ladies section hold a Drawn Pairs / Triples league (depending upon numbers wishing to participate), on Friday afternoons. This year due to enforced changes, the league will operate on Friday (1.30 pm to 3.00 pm) £3.00 per session.

If you wish to play in this League, can you please contact the Club to register your interest in person or by telephone, by Friday 28 th August, to enable the draw to be made and members to be informed.

15th July 2020

Coronavirus Update, 15th July 2020

Personal Message to Members from Mick Goodyear

Well Boris has given us the green light to proceed with our plans to re-open on Monday 3rd August, when we hope to welcome back lots of friends and colleagues to the Club. It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of hard work to get to a position where we are able to re-open the Club and be confident that we are compliant. The Club will be fully open, with access to social bowling, bar services and casual dining. League bowls is due to recommence w.e.f. week beginning 7th September.

All activities are required to comply with Covid-secure guidelines and legislation; and as you would expect this has been the focus of our endeavours for many months now. So you will see some changes to the layout, hygiene procedures, bowling arrangements and much, much more, all designed to keep everyone safe whilst on the premises.

The document titled “Important Information” sent with your renewal notice details much of this and if you want to play ‘Spoons’ or enter the ‘Drawn Triples’ or the ‘Ladies Drawn’ leagues, then some additional information is found below.

When you receive your Renewal letter, please note :-

1. Fees have been reduced for existing members to take some account of the enforced closure

2. We ask that wherever possible, you provide us with a contact email address to assist in keeping you informed of any enforced changes to arrangements, in a speedy manner

3. You are asked to register your interests for Drawn league programmes, and to pre-book for all social bowling including Spoons sessions

4. All visitors to the Club must report to Reception, irrespective of purpose for ‘track and trace’ purposes (a legal requirement)

As you will be aware we still have restrictions on large indoor gatherings and functions, so that aspect of our business is still awaiting easing of restrictions and Government guidance. If you have any questions, please telephone a member of the Management team at the Club on any Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 09.00am till 12.00 noon, hen we will be happy to help you.

Not long now – but still some jobs to finish off, before we welcome you back to the Club on 3rd August.

15th July 2020

EIBA Competitions

Mens Area Finalists

Singles: GR Smith v B Arkley (Stanley)to be played at Hartlepool, 7th March 2020

Fours: GR Smith 17 v 10 M Johnston (Gateshead) Played and qualified for National Finals

Ladies Area Finalist

Singles: A Stafford 13 v 21 L Mosley played at South Shields on 19th Feb 2020

updated 21st Feb 2020

Durham County IBA Ladies

Champ of Champs 2019-20 Finals at Durham

Durham Indoor is hosting the Ladies Champ of Champs Finals which will be on Sat & Sun 21st & 22nd March 2020 starting at 10.00am each day.

Local interest is in the:-

Singles on Saturday: Arleen Stafford

Fours on Sunday:Tracy Barkess, Sam Richardson, Fay Slinn and Eileen Horan

18th Feb 2020

Members Forum 2020

A Members Forum for DIBCAL will be held on Tues 10th March 2020 at 1.30pm. All Club members are eligible and welcome to attend.


1. Apologies for absence.

2. Chairman's Report

3. Summer Programme 2020

4. Open Forum for Members


M Goodyear, Chairman

14th Feb 2020

Graham Wilkinson Trophy Event

This popular Drawn Pairs Competition was held today

Winners were:- 1. W Routledge & D Stewart 8pts 2. R Scanlan & J Stafford 6pts 43 shots 3. A Coulson & B Dunn 6pts 32 shots 4. D Tuffnell & T Attey 6pts 28 shots

Thanks to everyone who took part and helped to raise £130 for St Cuthbert's Hospice Funds


26th Jan 2020

Club Hosts County Match

Durham v Cumbria

The club were hosts to a quarter-final round of the National Inter-County KO competition, the Liberty Trophy, today. Durham won against local northern rivals Cumbria 116-105. The match was played to a high standard and was well supported.

County Match

11th Jan 2020

Xmas Charity Party

Thanks to everone who helped and contributed to this year's Charity Party.

It raised a record £1252 for the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity.

13th Dec 2019

Top Team win against Ferryhill

Durham repeated its home win aganst Ferryhill with away success today. The result was a win 60-25.

Singles: C Morrison 21 v 15 J Deller; Pairs: K Minnis 16-8; Triples: M Robinson 19 v 8 C Larcombe; J Hutchinson 11 v 10 C Bowden.

23rd Nov 2019

Top Club Success

Durham's mixed team notched up a win aginst South Shields in this first round match in the National Top Club competition. Next round opponents are Hartlepool away on 15th Dec 2019

Final total: Durham 10pts v 6pts South Shields.

17th Nov 2019

Ladies miss out in Yetton

It was a close encouter against Gt Aycliffe in the Yetton Trophy today with Durham losing by 1 shot.

Final total: Durham 81 v 82 Gt Aycliffe.

16th Nov 2019

Top Team win against Ferryhill

Durham continued its good start in this local league with a strong performance against Ferryhill at home this morning. The result was a win 60-25.

Singles: GR Smith 21 v 2 J Deller; Pairs: K Minnis 16-7; Triples: MR Barkess 7 v 10 K Wealans; J Hutchinson 16 v 6 I Brown.

9th Nov 2019

Mixed Fortunes in Nationals

Durham Ladies won against Houghton in the Yetton Trophy KO 74-70 and play Gt Aycliffe next on 16th Nov.

The men lost to South Shields 69-96 in their second round match. South Shields were last season's runners-up.

2nd Nov 2019

Durham lose to South Shields

Durham lost this second round match against South Shields today. It was always going to be a tough game and Keith Minnis' home rink with a 22-22 draw was the only limited success otherwise it was a clean sweep for the seasders.

There is a chance of revenge next Saturday as the two sides meet again in the Denny Cup.

27th Oct 2019

Denny Cup Win

The first round of the Denny Cup was played today both home and away. Opponents were The Parks (North Shields) who were outplayed by Durham and packed in after 15 ends had been played. Final score was Durham 92 - 33 The Parks.

Home: J Hutchinson 24-9 B Bootham, M Laydon 25-9 A Hall. Away: GR Smith 24-8 P Garside, M Higgins 17 v 7 J Davies.

19th Oct 2019

Egham Trophy Success

Durham made a winning start to its National Competitions season. But the scoreline 87 - 70 was flattering. This was a close match throughout with the outcome in doubt until a strong finish including winning ends of 7 & 8 made victory certain.

Home: GR Smith 25 v 12 J Rogers, J Hutchinson 18 v 24 M Gleeson. Away: K Minnis 17 v 19 D Quickmire, M Higgins 27 v 15 D McDonald.

14th Oct 2019

Food At The Club

Due to demand from members the range and availablility of food has been increased

Food is available in the bar and lounge area each day from 12.00 - 2.00pm. It ranges from cooked meals to lighter snacks and includes a range of sandwiches and scones available throughout the opening hours.

Additionally a new project - a proper Sunday Lunch 12noon till 2pm - will be served once a month, starting on 6th Oct 2019. There will be a choice of up to 3 courses on offer. Booking in advance, if possible, please.

30th Sept 2019

Bowling Hall Carpet Stretched

Dales Bowls Surfaces visted the club earlier today to stretch the carpet This was a much needed service and resulted in an increased speed of 18.30 secs.

30th Sept 2019

Winter Leagues

All the Winter Leagues are now in full swing and up to date details.of each one are available elsewhere on this site.

The next step is the start of the Inter Club League programme on Sun 6th Oct 2019 at home against Gt Aycliffe and then the first of the EIBA National Club Competitions against Gt Aycliffe on Sun 13th Oct.

23rd Sept 2019

Top Notch Tuesdays

There is a variety of monthly one-off competitions throughout the Summer. All of which are on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. See below.

Cartoon Bowler

28th May: Turn Around Triples

25th June: Cricket

30th July: 3 - 2 - 1

27th August: Spot Prize Spoons

Enter: sIgn up at rinkside

18th May 2019

Dales Bowls Surfaces

Dales Bowls Surfaces will be servicing the bowling carpet on Tues 9th July 2019 and the green will be closed all day. It will re-open at 6.30pm.

G Wilkinson winners

This visit by Dales involves more than stretching the carpet. It includes work to build-in wooden battens for the carpet grippers to fix onto to make a more secure and longer lasting fit. This will help the green maintain its speed for longer.

The work was set back from the original date because on their last visit Dales realised that it needed more time to carry out the job plus additional materials.

4th July 2019

Members Forum 2019

The recent Members Forum was well attended with over 40 present. Club Chairman, Mick Goodyear, said it had been a very successful season at local, regional and national levels and went on to detail them.

Financially the club is doing OK but there is pressure on resources from increased costs which has meant rink fees have ben increased for the first time in over 10 years.

There are some areas which require review and action,
  1. a perceived imbalance in league teams
  2. use of mobile phones and a disregard of rules and disrespect for other bowlers
  3. recruitment of new members and integration of new and improving players into teams, leagues and knockout competitions

In response to some of the issues raised the Directors have taken action. The introduction of a clear 'Code of Conduct' is intended to ensure that everyone is aware of the core values of Durham Indoor Bowls Club and their individual roles in ensuring the rules and etiquette of the game are respected.

-see Code of Conduct.

-see Chairman's Remarks.

The Summer league programme will start on Monday 6th May 2019 with a 5ingles Sets league and there are four planned special bowling evenings.

4th May 2019

Presentations Evening 2019

Awards were made tonight for success in the Club's Leagues and Knockout Competitions.

G Wilkinson winners

Club Chairman, Mick Goodyear, introduced the event and made mention of the many successes the Club and individuals had enjoyed during the previous year.

The event was well attended by a record turnout of almost a hundred members.

Click here for photos

29th April 2019

Durham Ladies County Champions 2019

County Champions 2019

County Champions 2019

Durham Ladies have retained their position as Durham County Club Champions.This is great for the Club and a feather in the cap for the Ladies section.

The team were gathered together today to record the achievement.

Click here for an enlarged image.

5th April 2019

Club Successes In County Champion of Champions Finals

Champ of Champ Winners 2019

Two teams and two wins today in the Finals of the Durham County Champion of Championss competitions held at Hartlepool IBC.

Russell Bewick, Gary Smith, Liam Hall, Keith Minnis & Alan Bolan

Both matches went to the last end. In the Pairs Russell Bewick & Gary R Smith won 17-16 against Alex Portaway & Glenn Skipp (Hartlepool). This was a tight match. The scores were 16 each going into the last end. Durham were one down to a back toucher but Gary turned it round to win.

The Triples was another good match with the Durham Trio of Liam Hall, Alan Bolan & Keith Minnis picking up a four on the last end to win 20-14 against a team from Shildon.

31st Mar 2019

Ladies lose to Lincoln in Mason Trophy Inter-Area tie

Durham Ladies playing away on a neutral green at York IBC today lost to Liincoln IBC for a place in the quarter-finals of this National Competition.

Overall score Durham 27 v Lincoln 47

2nd Mar 2019

County Champion of Champions Finalists

C of C Finalists 2019

Alan Bolan, Keith Minnis & Liam Hall

In a recent semi-final match held at Ferryhill IBC the above trio defeated a team from Darlington to qualify for the County Champion of Champions Triples Final.

25th Feb 2019

Potters Holidays Champion of Champions 2018

Potters Champions 2018

Mick Barkess, Tracey Barkess, Gill Heslop & Jim Taylor

Congratulation to the team who are the Potters Holidays Champion of Champions 2018. This was played on the famous blue carpet before the Mens Singles Final.

28th Jan 2019

Graham Wilkinson Trophy

G Wilkinson winners

Photo (left) shows the winners of this year's Graham Wilkinson Tropy Liam Hall & Sylvia Briggs together with Larry Miller who made the presentations.

Runners-Up: Bill Routledge & Jackie Hardy

Third Place: Derek Briggs & John Quigley

Fourth Place: Brian Brown & Horace Peterson

The winners take home the Trophy and share the first prize of £50.00

27th Jan 2019

Durham Ladies success in EIBA National Mason Trophy

Durham Ladies won today against Cumbria in the Mason Trophy which is a double rink competition.

At home Arleen Staffford skipped the rink to success 27 - 8. Away at Carlilde Trudy Kitto's team had a fine result losing by only 16- 17

Overall score Durham 43 v Cumbria 25

Next round opponents are either South Shields or West Denton. This will be played on Fri 15th Feb 2019

18th Jan 2019

Just. 2019 World Indoor Bowls Championships

gary smith

The 2019 World Championships at Potters Holiday Resort start on Fri 11th Jan and finish on Sun 27th Jan 2019

Gary Smith has qualified and will play his first match against Scotland's Mike Stepney on Mon 21st January starting at 7.30pm

Matches are available to watch on YouTube and BBC TV

10th Jan 2019

Denny Plate defeat to Blackpool NH

Durham 75 v 87 Blackpool NH (Played on a neutral green at Leeds & Dist)

This was the third time in as many weeks that Durham has lost to Blackpool Newton Hall in the later stages of National Competitions.

10th Dec 2018

Changes to Open Hours

The folowing change to opening hours has been made. It is efffective immediately

Bowling: Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm; 6.15pm - 11.00pm

5th Dec 2018

Open Singles Circuit Success for David Bolt

osc winner David Bolt

It was an in-form David Bolt, England & South Shields, who took away the first prize in this Open Singles Circuit event held at the Club on Sat & Sund 1st & 2nd Dec 2018

There was a total of 64 entrants in this local leg of a competition hosted nationally at various other clubs. There are cash prizes and points to be earned. The top players in the points table at the end of the season play off at Potters Holiday Resort for the OSC Title.

3rd Dec 2018

Top Club Result: Blackpool NH take the laurels

Durham 4pts v 12 pts Blackpool NH (Played on a neutral green at New Earswick, York)

Durham made a bright start with Christine Budd winning the Ladies Singles but Blackpool which included several internationals were strong across the other rinks and Durham only other success was in the Fours with Mark Higgins' rink sharing the points

18th Nov 2018

Denny Plate Success against West Denton

Denny Plate

Durham 87 v 62 West Denton

Durham move into the 3rd Round with a strong performance at home which set up a win and their next match against Blackpool Newton Hall which will be held at Leeds & District IBC on Sat 8th Dec 2018 starting at 10.30am. Travel by coach leaving from Club at 8.00am

Home: P Smithson 34 v 9 P Duffy

Home: GR Smith 19 v 13 D Finlay

Away: M Laydon 17 v 20 C Knott

Aways: B Henderson 17 v 20 R Hall

17th Nov 2018

Ladies Lose Yetton Tie against Darlington

Durham 73 v 93 Darlington

Darlington proved to be the stronger side winning three of the four rinks and moving forward into the next round.

Home: T Kitton 19 v 25 V Henderson

Home: C Budd 15 v 24 S Pegg

Away: A Stafford 16 v 25 J Pattison

Aways: E Horan 23 v 19 V Blewitt

17th Nov 2018

Top Team Success

Ferryhill 40 v 63 Durham

Gary Smith gave the team a good start with a convincing win but the other three rinks were close throughout. The result was in the balance until the very last end but Durham collected 13 shots across the board to gain all the points and maintain its position at the top of the Top Ten League.

Singles: A Hind 9 - 21 GR Smith

Pairs: C Larcombe 10 v 15 K Minnis

Triples: B Johnstone 10 v 13 J Hutchinson

Fours: I Brown 11 - 14 R Bewick

10th Nov 2018

Double success in EIBA National Competitions

Gents: Denny Plate, Durham 79 - 66 Redcar

Ladies: Yetton Trophy, Durham 83- 70 West Denton

Durham won well at home and performed strongly away at Redcar to roll on into the next round to play either West Denton or The Parks on Sat 17th Nov 2018.

Another good result for the Durham Ladies takes them into the third round where they meet Great Aycliffe or Darlington on Sat 17th Nov 2018.

3rd Nov 2018

EIBA Egham (Mixed) Sun 28 Oct 2018

Durham 83 shots v 47 shots Ferryhill

Four rinks made up of 2 ladies and 2 gents played two rinks home and two away.

Next round opponents on Sun 11th Nov 2018 are Hartlepool starting at 10.00am.

28th Oct 2018

Christman Coffee Morning, Sat 8th Dec 10am - 12 noon

Stalls include: raffle, jewellery, jigsaws, cakes /savouries, tombola, food hamper raffle (tickets sold on the day) and other fund raising activities

You can help with a contribution raffle prize, chocolates/ biscuits/ bottles for the tombola, homemade small cakes/ scones/savories or a tray bake

Come along and join us

Entrance fee is £1.50 which includes a cup of tea/coffee and a scone. Tickets available at the club

22nd Sept 2018

EIBA Top Club (Mixed) Sun 21 Oct 2018

Durham 8 pts (93 shots) v (91 shots) 8 pts West Denton played away started at 10.00am

This match was made up of Ladies Singles (lost) and Gents Singles (lost) (21 shots); Mixed Pairs (won); Mixed Triples (lost) and Mixed Fours (won) (18 ends or max of 3hr 30mins).

Next round opponents on Sun 18th Nov 2018 are Blackpool Newton Hall starting at 10.00am. The 100 mile rule comes into play with likely venue being either Harrrogate or Eden (Penrith).

21st Oct 2018

Mixed success in EIBA National Competitions

Gents: Denny Cup, Durham 72 - 82 Hartlepool

Ladies: Yetton Trophy, Durham 74 - 71 Redcar

Durham lost to a strong Hartlepool team which avenged last season's one shot defeat. Gents now play in the Denny Plate.

Durham Ladies move into round 2 where they meet West Denton on Sat 3rd Nov 2018. This was a good team performance.

20th Oct 2018

Winter Leagues Start on Mon 10th September 2018

The Winter Internal Leagues programme has been finalised and will be published very shortly. The starting date is Mon 10th September 2018.

3rd Sept 2018

Open Singles Circuit Event at Durham

Durham is to run an open singles event on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December 2018.

It will be part of The Open Singles Circuit which is a circuit of club owned and run events which is endorsed by the EIBA and supported by Potters Resort.

This competition will create a lot of local and national interest and is expected to attract a number of top names.

Open Singles Circuit

1st May 2018

Thrilling Finish to Denny Cup

Today's match against York for a place in the quarter finals of the EIBA National Inter-Club Championship Denny Cup was decided by an extra end.

With the two home rinks winning 56-29 and the two at York losing 26-53 the scores were tied 82-82 and an extra end was required to decide the match.

This was played at York and was an exciting and ultimately disappointing end for Durham.

Final score Durham 82-83 York.

9th Dec 2017

Durham IBC Club