Bowls Training

Bowls Training

If you are interested or just want some information, please contact Rae Johnson Tel: 0191 3840700

The Sport of Bowls can be played by almost anyone with or without a disability. Bowlers with a disability can compete with or against non-disabled bowlers in most situations.

disability bowlsDurham Indoor is able to offer inclusive opportunities to people with and without a disability wishing to play bowls.It is one of the most accessible and integrated sports readily available.

Coaching Offer to beginners to take and complete four 1 hour coaching lessons provided by EBCS Level 1 or Level 2 Qualified Coaches and then enjoy free 12 months club membership

Child Protection Policy is in place

For beginners the dress code is relaxed but proper bowling shoes are essential. The club has a limited number of pairs in different sizes which may be borrowed.
Anyone using their own bowling shoes must change into them at the Club. They should never be worn to the club because they will pick up grit and dirt which will be transferred onto the rinks.

Bowling Tips (click)

Tips to follow for novice bowlers and things to remember that will improve your game when you're not playing at your best

Bowling Etiquette (click)

Understanding the etiquette of the game which is particularly important when playing in matches